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Less is more

We all know this term, but how do we translate this into a tasteful picture? You see a lot of pictures around that are categorized as “less is more”, but lots of them ended up with either totally  “Covered Nude” shoots or weird cheap poses in “lingerie”.

I must confess that it’s not easy to find a good pose for a model. Even when if you have a good pose in mind, it might not match with the model itself.  So it’s very important to discuss with the model in details and practice the pose with cloths first. This will improve the trust, mood and the end result.

Themed photoshoots

With enough time to prepare for you shoot, you can gather all speciliast in your team to do a themed photoshoot. Pick a good location, make up artist, stylist and great model and the result will rock.

This is an example what can be achieved with enough preparation. This is also one of my proud published picture.

Dynamic photoshoot

Dynamic photoshoots are not easy to make. Key factors are: Timing, luck and patience. Especially patience is important, since you can assume you will make this shot over and over again till you are both satisfied with the end result.

In our situation here: Passion and Dynamic  were our keywords for this shoot.

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